Emergency Responses

We responded to 228 fire related calls and 2,094 emergency medical calls. The Fremont Fire Department's average response time is approximately 4.04 minutes. Response time is measured from the time we receive the call at the fire station, to the time our personnel arrive on the scene.

There were 127 instances during 2013 when off duty firefighters were called back to work for additional manpower.

Fire Damage Statistics

The estimated total dollar loss due to fires within the city was $629,450. Seventeen residential fires amounted to $351,850 in property loss. Twelve vehicle fires amounted to $23,410 in damages, nine miscellaneous fires amounted to $4,190 and assisting Fremont Rural Fire Department with a fire resulting in $250,000 damage.

Fire Causes

Unattended cooking, improper disposal of ashes or smoking materials and fireworks were the most frequent causes of fires. Other causes of fires in 2013 were electrical malfunction. There was four suspicious fires (arson) and nine were undetermined.

Fire Injuries

There were no fire fatality in 2013 and one civilian suffered smoke inhalation. There were three instances when firefighters were injured during fire and medical calls.