City Boards & Commissions

  1. Airport Advisory Committee

    The purpose of the Airport Advisory Committee is to improve and promote the Fremont Airport. Members of this committee are tasked to review and recommend changes to airport policies; promote the airport to businesses and the public; recommend capital improvements; monitor operations of the Fixed Base Operator; identify funding sources for Federal & State grants; work with Fixed Base Operator to identify and recommend improvements for airport safety.

  2. Airport Zoning Board

    This Board protects and controls the Fremont Airport's height zoning in a three mile area with collaberation with Dodge County. The Board is authorized under Nebraska state statutes. Saunders County is not included in the 3 miles area of protection.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals on zoning regulations and grant variances from the zoning applications if an undue hardship exists. This Board meets usually once a month.

  4. Board of Forestry Examiners

    This Board is involved with the licensing and policies regarding foresters within the City of Fremont.

  5. Board of Health

    This Board enacts rules and regulations to safeguard the health of the residents of the City and prevent nuisances and unsanitary conditions, enforce the same, and provide fines and punishments for violations. They inspect premises and businesses as directed by City Council.

  6. Board of Public Works

    This Board actively gives direction, supervision, control and general management of the waterworks, power plant, sewerage, lighting systems, and natural gas distribution systems.

  7. Building Code Advisory & Appeals Board

    This Board hears appeals for Building Inspector decisions/interpretations.

  8. Citizen Advisory Review Committee (LB 840)

    This Committee advises the Mayor and Council in regards to the Economic Development Program and are required to report every six months to the governing body on its findings and suggestions at a public hearing. The Economic Development Program is funded by sales tax.

  9. Civil Service Commission

    This Commission adopts and promulgates procedural rules and regulations and examinations for firefighters and police officers.

  10. Downtown Improvement District Board

    This Board is involved with the promotion of the downtown. They advise for the use of the downtown occupation tax funds and hear appeals to the amount of tax.

  11. Housing Advisory & Appeals Board

    This Board hears appeals for condemnations.

  12. Housing Agency

    This Agency operates under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act and was previously known as the Housing Authority.

  13. Housing Rehabilitation Board

    This Board is responsible for reviewing housing rehabilitation projects administered by the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District for the Fremont Comprehensive Revitalization Housing Rehabilitation Program and the Community Development Block Grant Housing Revolving Loan Program.

  14. Joint Communication Policy Committee

    This Committee regulates the combined communications services of Dodge County and City of Fremont.

  15. Library Board

    This Board shall advise the Mayor and Council in regard to the operation, maintenance, and development and personnel of the public library. They recommend by-laws, rules and regulations or changes to same for protection and development of the public. They are also responsible for the intellectual content and development of the library.

  16. Local Option Review Team

    Created with the adoption of the Economic Development Plan as submitted by Greater Fremont Development Council and approved by the voters on May 13, 2014. This team reviews applications and gives recommendation to the City Council based on project feasibility and potential future economic benefit to Fremont as determined by the applicant’s business plan and other requested information.

  17. Park & Recreation Board

    This Board determines the use, the conduct of and the form of operations of the parks, Ridge Cemetery and recreational facilities of the City in every manner and kind whatsoever. They also regulate the cultivation and planting of trees, shrubs and vines on all streets, avenues and parkways.

  18. Planning Commission

    This Commission makes and adopts plans for the physical development of the CIty. This Commissions deals with matters relating to the comprehensive development plan, capital improvements, building codes, subdivision development, annexation and zoning.

  19. Public Service Answering Point

    This Board recommends and provides policy direction and serves as the Advisory Committee which governs operations of the Communications Center and recommends a budget to the Dodge County Board of Supervisors and City of Fremont City Council.

  20. Ridge Cemetery Association

    This association preserves the historical character and integrity of Ridge Cemetery. It provides aesthetic and functional improvements to the grounds and enhances the overall appearance and the tranquil setting of the cemetery.