Voting Precinct Map


Map of Fremont by Wards

Fremont is divided into four wards with two city council members representing each ward. One member from each ward is elected every two years. You can register to vote at the Dodge County Clerk's office at the courthouse, Fifth Street and Park Avenue. Then, according to where you live, you will vote at one of the following sites.

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Where to Vote

1A- Evangelical Free Church, 2050 N. Lincoln 2A- 1st Congregational Church, 1550 N. Broad
1B- Midlands Events Center Lobby, 700 E. 10th St. 2B- 1st Congregational Church, 1550 N. Broad
1C- Trinity Lutheran-East, 1546 N. Luther Rd. 2C- Extension Services, 1206 W. 23rd
1D- Fremont Tower, 2510 N. Clarkson St. 2D- Premier Estates, 2550 N. Nye Ave.
1E- Saint Patrick's Church, 3400 E. 16th 2E- Nye Square, 650 W. 23rd St.

3A- City Auditorium, Ninth & Broad Sts. 4A- Good Shepherd Church, 1544 E. Military Ave.
3B- Courthouse, Fifth St. & Park Ave. 4B- Good Shepherd Church, 1544 E. Military Ave.
3C- Moller Field Community Center, 750 S. Broad 4C- Deerfield Clubhouse 1021 S. Howard Dr.
3D- Christensen Field Community Rm. 1730 W. 16th 4D- First Lutheran Church, 3200 E. Military Ave.
3E- Salem Lutheran Church, 401 E. Military Ave. 4E- Swanson Hall of Science, Eighth & Irving

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