Utility General Manager

Utility General ManagerResponsibilities
The General Manager of the Department of Utilities is responsible for the oversight of the various city-provided utility services including electric production and distribution, natural gas distribution, water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment and the solid waste transfer facility.
  • The general manager reports to the five member Board of Public Works and is appointed by the mayor with the concurrence of the City Council.
  • The general manager prepares the utility‚Äôs annual budget, reviews and recommends utility rates, directs and participates in long range planning and determines if facility expansion is necessary. He also recommends staffing levels and negotiates with union officials.
Brian Newton has been serving as the Utility General Manager since October, 2015. The general city government counterpart to the General Manager is the City Administrator. The City Administrator is responsible for governmental departments including police, fire, parks and recreation, library, public works, and city clerk.